Tree Pruning

There are many aspects to pruning your trees…

Safety is important for your home, office, and  anyone or anything in close proximity to your trees. Your largest investments,  your home and car can be harmed by dead, dying, or broken limbs.

Nuisance limbs growing into your house can damage shingles or other structures. Limbs growing into your cable and power lines or hanging too low over your walkways and driveways can also be easily removed by our highly trained team.

Limbs crowding your prized Crepe Myrtle, Dogwood or Japanese Maple?  AAA tree Experts can prune them correctly without interfering with the aesthetic of the trees.

Limbs obstructing  your vision from windows, signs, or security features around your home? Our skilled team can easily remove limbs that are close to homes without causing damage.

Pruning for next year's growth promotion and flowering is another reason people have their trees pruned. Pruning during the dormant season allows the correct hormones to channel through the trees and begin preparation for the coming spring. This type of pruning is very beneficial to have an outstanding bloom the following season. Our arborists know exactly when and how this pruning should be done.

When and how much trimming can be done is crucial to provide optimum health to the tree Tree foliage(leaves) has an important job of producing sugars that are used for photosynthesis, so every cut(action) has a positive or negative impact on the tree. At AAA Tree Experts, our Arborists attend pruning certification courses twice a year to stay up-to-date with the ongoing studies of arbor culture.

Knowledge of correct pruning and tree biology are very important to maintaining trees. Request a free quote to have our fully certified Arborists advise you on the right time and correct method to prune your trees.

Pruning Broken Limbs

Broken and hanging limbs due to high winds or weak attachment can be very dangerous and can cause damage or injury to people or objects near the tree canopy. Request a quote to have one of our highly trained arborist and crews remove them safely.

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pruning broken limbs
root pruning

Root Pruning

Root pruning is often needed on construction sites and is generally done before heavy equipment rips and tears roots close to the tree. AAA Tree Experts can have a certified arborist and crew clean cut, and treat roots ahead of excavation.

Homeowners may need roots pruned as well. For Example, roots near driveways, sidewalks, or surfaced roots, may need pruned. Caution must be taken any time roots are cut in order not to kill the trees. AAA Tree Experts can have one of our certified Arborists advise you of your options.

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