AAA Tree Experts, Inc. we can't thank you enough for the excellent tree-removal work; the crew worked diligently for hours and left our yard better than they found it. As disappointed as we are at losing a beautiful tree, we're most grateful for the professional job. Thank you for a job well done!

Sharon E – Tallahassee

Had a large tree split and fall on my chain link fence during a storm. Called AAA Tree Experts and Steve said they be at my house the following day. True to his word, Steve called me at work the next day to say he was standing in my yard and would send me an estimate via email that very day.

Mike G – Tallahassee

Thank you for completing the job so competently. I was especially impressed with how well you cleaned the yard and roof of my house. Except for the removed limbs, I could hardly tell that you had been to my home. I will be happy to recommend your services to others.

Mark G – Tallahassee

AAA took some pines down for my parents a few years back, everyone was super friendly, treated my parents with respect and did an amazing job.

Nikki C – Tallahassee

We had visions of smashed camellias, bashed fencing, and trashed trees, but came home to a PERFECT job. Thank you for your artistry and hard work. You really are the tree 'experts'!

May F – Tallahassee

You guys helped me in April when a tree fell on my roof. I was 4 months pregnant and freaking out. All of your workers were extremely nice and very fast. They made sure that I didn't have a septic tank where they needed to pull the truck, and they didn't tear up my yard.

Tiffany P – Tallahassee

AAA did an awesome job at our house going beyond our expectations trimming and cutting trees. They cleaned everything and left our yard in perfect condition !!! We highly recommend AAA Tree Experts!

Amber W – Tallahassee

We have used AAA many times and have always been completely satisfied. They are very professional and trustworthy. We intend to hire them in the next month or so, and recommend them highly.

Charlotte C – Tallahassee

Thank you very much for adjusting your schedule to take care of our tree emergency. It was a pleasure to do business with a company that is caring as well as professional.

Don & Kat J – Tallahassee

We have used AAA at every house we bought.

Pam P – Tallahassee

I was very pleased with the work done on the tree and the excellent job of clean up afterward.

Cheryl O – Tallahassee

AAA just done awesome work in my neighborhood!

Tabbatha A – Tallahassee

They have an excellent crane service They came in like a wrecking ball for me.

Cindy M – Tallahassee

I had the pleasure of working with Ben getting huge pine trees taken out of my backyard to open it up a bit. Super nice guy!

Kim T – Tallahassee

You cleared six trees out of our backyard after the hurricane in September and did not hit the chicken coop or shed! Great job guys!!!

Risa W – Tallahassee

Steve and his team were really helpful taking trees off my mother's home after Hurricane Hermine. Thanks AAA.

Geoffrey P – Tallahassee

AAA has cut down trees and trimmed trees for us. We were impressed and how well they cleaned up afterwards. It was like the trees just disappeared. They were also very professional and customer service was great. I would use them again.

Erica L – Tallahassee

Ya'll took these dangling pine limbs that were hanging over my roof just before that big storm came through Tallahassee a couple Sunday's ago. Those branches coulda gone through my roof if they were there during the storm. Very appreciative.

Zack L – Tallahassee

It is rare these days to have a business deliver outstanding and reliable service. That is why our experience with AAA Tree Experts was such a breath of fresh air! Thank you for showing that service and reliability are still alive and well in Tallahassee!

Herb & Carol M – Tallahassee

AAA removed an old (but unfortunately very diseased) huge live oak that hung over the front of our home and another small tree in the back corner of the yard. Included stump removal and debris removal. They protected the driveway and returned the yard to its prework site condition. Job was performed when stated and completed in one day. We are very impressed with AAA Tree Experts' skills and professionalism.

Louis – Tallahassee

What an outstanding job your men did with my tree removal! I have never experienced that kind of professional service from a tree removal company before. From the first phone call to get an estimate to how well my yard was cleaned up after the job. I will be absolutely sure to recommend your company to anyone I know who could use your services!

Steve A – Tallahassee

It is truly a pleasure to have a company live up to its promises and agreements.

Joanne M – Tallahassee

Removal of two 120' Southern Yellow Pine trees from behind my house. Excellent work. They had to cut these trees down and lift all of the debris over my house and the telephone/electric lines on the street. Not only did the complete the job in one day, in 110 degree heat, when they left you literally could not tell they had ever been there (except for the missing trees of course). Excellent work and they are highly recommended.

Jim – Tallahassee

AAA Tree Service cut down two trees, one very tall and large and one that was smaller but very tall too. was concerned about the large pile of logs, tree limbs piled in the front yard. The next day they came to haul it all off and once they finished you could not even tell that there was ever anything in the yard. They were were fabulous from start to finish. The cost was reasonable and fair. We will never use anyone else and highly recommend them.

Charles S – Tallahassee

Gave me the best estimate. Arrived when arranged, got to work immediately, and finished the job professionally. Checked with me throughout to make sure they were doing what I wanted. Cleaned up everything. Came back later to grind stumps as promised. Had two trees removed and about eight trimmed. Will use them again in the future. Very impressed with estimator and the crew.

Phillip – Tallahassee

It has been some time since my wife and I have experienced service like this from a local company. You have a fine crew and I will recommend your company to anyone I know that is needing this type of service.

Norm & Marilyn M – Tallahassee

Thanks so much for the work you did for me. You and your crew were very professional. The job was done quickly and I was impressed with your precision. I plan to recommend your services to all my friends!

Anne W – Tallahassee

AAA did a fine job. They were prompt, courteous, well-organized, hard working, and professional. They more than fulfilled their side of the agreement!

Don P – Tallahassee

Thanks for such a great job. You can do magic with tight spaces, and the clean up was like you were never there.

Denise – Tallahassee

They trimmed a bunch of oak trees. They took out dead branches, there were a lot of trees. They went up a pine tree and trimmed the branches off. They removed a tree that was sort of an invasive species. When they did the walk through of the property, they made suggestions about things and had a lot of knowledge about the various types of trees in the area. There was one oak tree that hung over my neighbor's carport and they trimmed that back. They were big trees, so it was a lot of work. The person who ran the machine where they go up high did excellent. They were great. From the very beginning, they just really worked well with me. They let me work with them in terms of telling them what I wanted. I really liked them. They just did a good job. They also put plywood around where they were going to be moving the machine so they protected the lawn from having track marks on it. I had 3 people come and look at it, the other people were going to do less work and charge about $600 more. They were definitely good on price.

Sara – Tallahassee

We used AAA Tree Experts for tree service. We had a bunch of 100 year old pine trees that were completely removed because they had a pine beetle infestation. The beetles had killed them. They gave us the best price out of 4 local tree services, so their prices were good. The service, timing and promptness were excellent. They were in and out. They were awesome. They were very professional and quick. We have 10 dogs and we worked out a whole rotation thing when they went on lunch break to let the dogs out for a bathroom break. They left the yard in good shape. They removed the stumps and left the yard in good shape. They covered up the area with pine straw instead of a bunch of raw holes for the dogs to dig in. They did a great job.

Crystal – Tallahassee
You took two trees down behind my house. Not a trace that you and your equipment were ever there, except two tree stumps!!!

Chuck M – Tallahassee

They did an amazing job!! We will definitely be referring them to our family and friends!!

They went the extra mile to protect the things that were important to us that were in the line of fire with these trees that had to come down. Can't say enough good things and definitely plan on referring them to our family and friends!! Thank you again AAA Tree Experts!!

Lindsey M – Tallahassee

I was very impressed with the crew that came out to take two of my trees down today. They were very friendly and professional and handled a sticky situation with both trees being right over my home. They cleaned up and even put back the bamboo poles that I'm using for some flowers to grow on. Mike the arborist who came out prior to give me a quote was also very good and gave me a lot of information and I learned a lot about trees. I hope when I'm ready to do the rest of them that I get the same crew. My dog Sage loved them all too!

Michelle C – Tallahassee

It was a pleasure dealing with Mike and the staff at AAA Tree Experts. Very prompt response to my request of a huge tree removal. They showed up on time for the job, removed the tree with no damage to surrounding trees or property and took care of cleaning up everything when the job was finished. If I need any future trees removed, I won't hesitate to call on AAA again! Thank you for a job VERY well done!!!

Janis S – Pompano Beach FL