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Firewood/Cooking Wood

We have seasoned split-Oak firewood for sale at our office location in any quantity you desire. Competitive prices. Come by and see us in your pickup-truck… one row across the back usually between $15-25. Our firewood is sold by the cubic foot… call ahead for current pricing!

Cooking Wood Sales

We have several different varieties of split wood for all your outdoor cooking needs. Varieties always on hand: Oak, Hickory, Cherry, & Pecan. Come see us for your hard-to-find cooking wood… call ahead for current pricing!


We have the capabilities to log small tracts of plylogs, pulpwood logs, chip and saw, & hardwoods. Contact us for details.

Stump Removal

We have the ability to excavate or dig the stump & root system when stump grinding is not applicable.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can be unsightly, difficult to mow or landscape around, and they can potentially attract termites and other insects. Our Rayco 90h.p. grinder is large enough to grind big stumps and small enough to fit through a 36" walk-thru gate with minimal damage to yard or landscape. After stumps are ground, the mulch left behind is environmentally friendly and great for landscaping. Stump grinding prices do not include removal of the mulch.

Crane Services

Need a tree removed quickly? AAA Tree Experts has our own 35-ton crane to aid in hazardous tree removals or trees on structures. Many other companies will have to wait to rent an available crane, but with ours readily available, along with our 2 Certified Crane Operators, we can be there quickly if severe weather or emergency situations affect our area.